About The F600 Class

F600 Rules and Regulations

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Last Updated: 29th November 2017


The F600 Class was founded in 2002 by a number of Leewood Autograss members. The F600 Class is in essence an introductory special Class which runs to Class 8 specifications with further restrictions imposed.


The Class is an attempt to reduce cost and increase the quantity of specials racing at Club level. It has been proven that a brand new F600 with all new components can be built for less than £3,500.


The Class and Championship will be governed by the F600 Committee in the immediate future. The only implication of this is that for 2016, the F600's will not have a separate Class represented at the National Autograss Championships. The objective of the Committee is to raise the profile of the Class by providing cheap, close and fast racing.

The BF600C

The 2016 BF600C will take place over eight rounds with the feature of being able to drop two of your lowest points scoring meetings. This accommodates for accidents and mechanical failures; people taking holidays; working odd weekends; not wishing to travel to certain meetings etc. without putting themselves out of the running for the title.


All competitors must declare the drivers(s) for the car at the start of the season.