2016 F600 Sponsors

A big thank you to all clubs and sponsors for your continued support. If you would like to sponsor in 2016, please get in touch!

2018 Championship Sponsor:

DAYTUNER Performance
Offers an extensive range of tuning options for all Motorcycles both 4 or 2 Stroke, motorcycle powered cars as well as performance modifications for all road cars be they petrol and diesel.
Tel: 01423 523 323
Web: www.daytuner.co.uk
Email: info@daytuner.co.uk

2018 Nationals Sponsor:

JB Marketing
Providing market leading solutions to National Autograss since 2010. Services include Websites; Adverts; Leaflets; Event / Season Programme Design, including Print.
Tel: 07375 419106
Web: www.jbmarketing.org.uk
Email: Jason.Baker@jbmarketing.org.uk